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Rocky Python the Predator



A 2 meter man holding a 3 meter rock python


It’s Only a Snake

As snakes go, pythons are not generally high on anyone’s mind. Until you get into real python country and they become the major threat to domestic animals. Traditionally, pythons are killed on sight when found around the compound or camp.

Native to sub-Saharan Africa, the African rock python is known for its bad temper. In its natural environment, the python eats small mammals, antelope, warthog, and birds. Problems start when man and snake habitats collide; the victims usually being chickens, goats, pigs and any other domestic animals the snake fancies.

On rare occasions, rock pythons are known to have attacked people, and there are at least two verified reports of people being killed by rock pythons in the wild. No reference is given for pet pythons and that’s another story.


African rock python on a dead log

While standing in the backyard of the wilderness farmhouse, leaning on his scrambler. This true story was told me first-hand by a close family member in 2010, still sporting the fresh teeth marks on his face. This is a python story as told by a strong, six-foot tall, dirt bike fanatic in his twenties, working as a snake handler and it goes something like this:

“I went into the python cage to clean up and change the water. Nothing unusual, done it many times before – all in a day’s work for a snake handler – until one snake developed other ideas about me.”

“I was bending down to reach a dirty spot not far from a large rock python sunning himself in a corner. Before I could react to the lightning strike, I was wearing that snake over my left eye. Now looking done the snake’s throat, it started dressing itself over me and before I knew where I was, I felt a tail wrap around my legs. All the time, I am trying to loosen its razor sharp teeth sunk into my cheek and upper head.”

“This is when I found out the power of the python’s jaw. I’m thinking, what now, this is getting serious, as I feel my ribs caving in and my airways are getting seriously restricted. Still standing on my feet, I am trying to loosen the tail grip to stop the snake having an anchor. This didn’t work and I am starting to loose my balance. I know if I go down I’m finished.”

“There is one other snake handler in the park but I don’t know where? So now I start to scream out for help, hoping she can hear me, because at this point, walking is impossible. My whole life was flashing through my mind, as well as thinking, why I ever took on this job in the first place? I’ve even been a snake collector as long as I can remember and this was not the way I envisioned ending it.”

“Still thinking, what a way to die, I heard a voice shouting my name repeatedly and this tugging going on around my legs. Then I felt the coils loosen around my ribs and I gasped for air, shouting, get this thing of my face, then the snake started losing its balance and letting go its grip of my face, it dived for the floor. I was fighting to see with blood in both my eyes. With my helper close behind, I wanted out of that cage, feeling and squinting I made my way along the wall and found the gate. I was first out before any other of the pythons decided they might want to make their move on me. Once pythons get riled up from the smell of blood, its best to get out of their way and quickly.”


A rock python eating an antelope – courtesy of Wikipedia.



Two African rock pythons



Python crossing

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