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Wild African Recipes:


1. Mielie Pap… Meat and Smoor…1

Mielie-meal ‘pap’, mieliepap, (putu pap) has formed the basis of southern African cooking and eating for centuries. Mielie-meal (from Portuguese word “milho”) porridge is eaten all over Africa…

2. Mielie Pap… Meat and Braai…2

Many traditional South African dishes include pap, such as the smooth maize meal porridge called slap pap, then this very thick consistency pap…

3. The Famous Chakalaka Recipe

First you plant your vine tomatoes, staked and spaced 50 cm apart… Then you find this is the wrong article… this is about Chakalaka. Chakalaka is possibly one of the best known, simplest…

4. Dishes of Our Past – How to make Bobotie

Food! What expatriate doesn’t love the traditional food of their homeland? Many of our African foods have traveled to other countries. I was once asked for the recipe for bobotie when I was living in East Sussex…

5. Traditional Mutton Casserole With Samp and Beans

Today’s traditional African mutton recipe comes from the Xhosa people of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa where Nelson Mandela and his family come from; by tradition, an area reaching from the foothills of the Drakensberg…

6. Free Range Running Chicken Casserole Anybody?

Here’s a fantastic chicken casserole, simple honest food, tasty and nourishing. Because there are only a few ingredients, make sure they are top quality, fresh and locally grown. The translation of ‘umleqwa’…

7. Main-dish Bushveld Salad

Greetings from the Bushveld Treehouse. Between SLR photography practice, visits to the Kruger Park and exploring our new area, we’ve been keeping busy.  There have been some seriously hot days, hovering around 38° to 41°C…

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