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Bushveld Bread: Fastest Flop-proof Bread Ever!

Nothing Fancy; Just Bake

Buried in a fire-filled pit in the wild or just baked in your apartment oven, this bushveld bread is a no-knead, whole-grain, crusty delight. And seriously fast to make!

The whole process, from store cupboard to table takes an hour, max. Nothing fancy-schmancy needed. I use a big, cheap plastic bowl, teaspoon, cup (to measure flour and water) and an ordinary table knife to mix. It can be baked in a cast iron pot if you are burying it in the coals, or on a baking tray in the oven.


Traditional Irish Soda Bread

I believe bread isn’t bread unless you bake it yourself. Eat the junk offered in supermarkets? Well, that’s asking for trouble and wastage. Commercial bread these days is actually dangerous for human consumption.

Having ranted and raved, I now feel better. So let me tell you about two soda breads you can bake, but if brushing your teeth in the morning is too much trouble? Then baking this soda bread will take too much time as well. Really folks, this is no time waster, considering what you get in exchange for store bought.

It’s all done in a crock pot (slow cooker). I told you, no problem. Kneading? Also no kneading… It’s getting better right? OK. Here goes. Put your soda bread in the crockpot, bake while you’re at work and eat it when you get home. See! Simple! And it’s real food, not just filler and mold.


Not African… But Who’s Complaining

Oatmeal cookies are not strictly an African treat, but they’re all over Africa and who can resist them. So this is the recipe. In the greater scheme of things, being busy ranks pretty high on my list of priorities. Now that I’m up to my ponytail in our website projects and gainfully employed, my freelance writing is steadily progressing, the rhythm of work is becoming addictive.

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