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Artists bio:

The die was cast three generations ago, when Mozs’ great grandfather – also named Moz – was a transport rider in the Lowveld c.1880.

Later Mozs’ grand father also settled on the edge of the Kruger National Park, what is today known as Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, now part of the Kruger.

Decades of family involvement in wildlife conservation, ecology and tourism followed. The young Moz grew up in the Timbavati bushveld, indelibly influenced by the stark beauty of Africa and her animals.

His ability to paint wildlife so eloquently, comes from his deep love and lifelong respect for the creatures that share his environment. Backed with solid talent and a keen eye, he brings out the unseen characters of his subjects.


Art for Sale

Mauritz is a master artist, able to paint anything he sees in all mediums, – from oils to charcoal – whether wildlife, still life or modern art. Moz is also an accomplished sculptor. Just ask him and he will paint or sculpt what you like.

All or art is available in a small run of limited edition signed prints on canvas, prices ranging $50.00 to $150.00 and up. All sizes, up to A1, shipped in strong plastic tubes. To contact the artist, here is a secure link. If you would like to commission Moz for an oil painting of your own choice, contact the artist direct.

Currently painting an A2 oil on canvas commission, of a huge tornado over a newly completed maul in Rustenberg, North Western Province, South Africa, for the construction executive.

For any commissions, don’t be shy to ask Moz. If you don’t like contact forms, use the website direct at [email protected] on our Virtual Private network.

For art available on this website, please see the drop-down tabs or click on a link below. For books by Moz, please check out “Our Books ” tab on the toolbar.


Art Series

1. “Anticipation” is a Leopard portrait. “Anticipations” page.
2. “Sundowner” is a Lion portrait. “Sundowners” page.
3. Still a lot more to come! Paint takes a long time to dry!


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