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Cable modem:
Cable modem is a modem that uses television’s coaxial cables to transmit data. Speeds are faster than modems using telephone lines; except where optic fibre lines are used, which are sometimes faster, or as fast as coaxial. See Coaxial in this Glossary.

CAD, Computer-Aided Design. CAD is chiefly a drafting and design software that creates forms and shapes in either 2D or 3D formats. Drawings done with CAD are extremely advanced. These use vector or solid graphic software. Used by aircraft designers, CAD started in the early 1980’s, has been used extensively in the industrial world for drafting and design.

Categories are used within blogs in aiding the order of the posts using tags, so that the posts are organised under categories. Well-ordered categorization groups all posts with others of a similar content and aids in the navigation of a site.

CAPTCHA comes from the word ‘capture’ and are symbols, mainly letters or digits, used when filling forms, usually ‘Https’ forms used by website owners to prevent Internet Bots from filling out these sensitive areas. These symbols like ‘6zGJkk4’ appear in the form next to the sign out box and are often distorted figures for the form filler (you), to insert into the box to prove you are a human.

CDN, Content Delivery Network, makes it possible to host your website on servers all over the world from static assets. This means users to your site can download Internet data from their closest server, instead of maybe half way around the world. The latency and load on your server is reduced, resulting in a speeding up of the data delivery to your client. Amazon Cloud Front is probably the most popular, supported by W3 Total Cache, also supported are CloudFlare and MaxCDN, caching plugins for WordPress.

CGI, Common Gateway Interface programming can be written in any programming language. Apache, UNIX and Perl are the most common programming languages used and its primary function is for transferring information, between a server and a compatible CGI program.

Character Set:
Character Set is defined as a list of characters represented by a collection of symbols numbers, punctuations, 0=A, 1=B, 2=C, 3=D, and special characters. These are recognized by the computer when used together as a set, representing meaningful words in a language.

Chat is real-time internet participation program for type-and-read messaging communication systems, originally created in 1988. Internet Relay Chat or IRC is an open protocol using TCP and TLS for Internet communications. Users access IRC networks by connecting to a server. See TCP and TLS in this glossary.

Classes are PHP scripts and CSS style groupings, which can be applied to any HTML element.

Client can be considered is a website on a CMS platform, which relies on a server to perform certain operations. With client-server architecture, the client handles sending and receiving on the website end, while server software handles sending and receiving on the hosts end. Also FTP similarly, is a host application that enables you to upload and download files both to and from your host. The server gets your files from your host and transfers and receives these files from your CMS, either manually or automatically. See CMS in this Glossary.

Clipboard is a convenient program that stores data, like images, video, music or text temporarily in your computer memory. This feature is what allows the operator to copy and paste from one location to another, e.g. either within the computer or to and from the computer, as well as from one website to another.

Cloud (noun) a metaphor for the Internet.
Cloud (adjective) having to do with the Internet.

Cloud Computing:
Cloud computing, delivery of computing and storage capacity as a service. A form of Internet based computing, more correctly the specific area of computing, which is a network system in cyberspace targeting and servicing such devices as laptops, desktops, phones and tablets by means of servers. Clouds function in as many services as the Web can provide, as follows. 1. IaaS infrastructure as a service. 2. PaaS platform as a service. 3. SaaS software as a service.

CMS; a content management system, is a system like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, that manage the content of a website. These CMS systems provide a collection of processes to their users to manage work flow in a collaborative environment. CMS data is defined as; documents, movies, text, pictures, scientific data, and much more. The processes are intended to: 1. Enable many people to add and share stored data simultaneously. 2. To regulate access to this data based on what role the user fulfils depending on the powers ascribed to them; i.e. user rights like administrator, editor, author and contributor. 3. Supplies easy retrieval and simple storing of data. 4. Verification of data authenticity and compliance. 5. Lessoning repetitive duplicate content. 6. Facilitating report writing. 7. Advancing communication between users.

Coaxial is a telecommunication data transferring cable for radio, TV and CCTV. Although not originally a computing term, it has been adopted in that field because of the use in cable modems, Ethernet and LAN structures. See Ethernet and LAN in this Glossary.

Codex is taking content from a tablet or scroll to a book – thereby condensing data into the best usable format for understanding.

ColdFusion started in 1995, but now owned by Adobe Systems with a distinguishing feature, which is its associated scripting language, that compares to the scripting components of ASP, JSP, and PHP in purpose and features, but its tag syntax more closely resembles HTML. ColdFusion was originally intended to make it easier to connect simple HTML pages to a database.

Collation is used in such applications such as printing and code writing. Collation is the character set of numbers, letters, and symbols given in order. See Character set in this glossary.

Community with reference to computing, is best understood as the virtual community, a group of common users on the Web. Other common communities are social network groups, like Facebook and Twitter, etc.

Compiler a computer programmer, program or programs that converts source code in one source language into another computer language, being the object or target language. These languages often have a binary form. These are mostly used in .exe executable programs. See Programmer in this

Compressed file:
Compressed files are computer files that have been reduced in size by a compression software program. The user must decompress the file(s) before they can be viewed or used.

Content includes text, audio, video, and images; these are all considered to be content of one type or another.

Cookies are messages created by a Web server when you surf the net and given to a Web browser that stores the cookie in a cookies.txt file. When the browser requests a page from the server, cookies are sent back to the server each time a page is requested. The main purpose of cookies is to identify users and prepare customized Web pages for them to speed up the user’s connection. The cookie is unique to the visitor.

Copy is to copy data to a temporary transition location to be pasted. For example, copying is to duplicate a piece of data with the copy command, such as text, image, music or video, etc. thereby placing it in the computers clipboard (or buffer) for transfer.

cPanel is the dashboard area of your hosting company and a web-based administration tool that allows users to configure their own accounts using an easy-to-use interface. See Interface in this Glossary.

CPU Central Processing Unit is the part of the computer that contains the central microprocessor, attached to the motherboard.

CTR click through rate; is a calculated algorithm, of a given number of clicks for a website page, image or advert and a lot more. From these figures, a webmaster can calculate the potential value of a given page or specific data on a website. Complicated subject, best is to check out Wikipedia for information on click through.

CSS Cascading Style Sheets is an HTML feature. CSS allows Web page developers to create the way pages are displayed in browsers. The developer can apply any number of different style sheets to a single page using CSS. Web developers can control different design elements or sets of design elements with each style sheet.

Cut is to remove data to a temporary transition location in a buffer or clipboard. See Buffer in this Glossary.

Cyberspace known as a virtual space and is described as the Web. The Internet as most people know it is the Net, coined as the Web from the World Wide Web. Theoretically, the Internet and the World Wide Web operate on two totally different formats and is best described in WWW in this glossary. Whereas Cyberspace is derived from “cybernetics” the Greek word ‘kybernetes’ meaning steersman, governor, or rudder, the reason for choosing this is without any logic. Cyberspace is in most geeks opinions, a synonym of Internet communications.

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