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Java is a class-based, object-oriented, strategic language, with which to develop apps for the Web. Java isn’t dependent on specific hardware and will run on any operating system. Java creator Sun Microsystems, describe Java as an operating system, independent, object-oriented, and programming language. See Programming in this glossary.

Java Applet:
Java Applets are loaded from Web Servers or browsers. Java class applets are HTML tags, which are embedded in Web documents. Java applets are a traditional application model, executed from a command line. See Applet in this Glossary.

JavaScript and Java are two different programming languages. JavaScript is a programming language used to build interactive Web pages. JavaScript relies on the browser to interpret the HTML file it relies upon. Often JavaScript is combined with both CSS and HTML, which is referred to as DHTML or dynamic HTML. See DHTML in this glossary.

Jpeg, Joint Photographic Experts Group is a format for image compression that enables the user to weigh image quality against file size. JPEG images are not limited to a certain amount of color, like GIF images are. Therefore, the JPEG format is best for compressing photographic images. See Gif in this glossary.

JSON, JavaScript Object Notation, even though JSON is associated with JavaScript, it is a language of its own. JSON libraries are available at the
JSON.org website and the filename is .json. It is not a full markup language, but rather it is a way to represent data structures and executes well on Web servers. JSON is an easy-to-understand-language, that is quickly mastered for creating those interactive pages.

jQuery is a cross browser JavaScript library and the most popular one in use today. It was designed to simplify the client-side-scripting of HTML, easy to learn and easy to apply even if you don’t understand code. JQuery is also used for producing plugins with lots of different application such as fancy texts, audio with HTML5 audio tags, YouTube video backgrounds and many more easy to build plugins.

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