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Magical Mythical Kingdom of Free:
Magical Mythical Kingdom of Free is the way the Internet was originally perceived by Sir Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web. Sir Berners-Lee is still the overall Director of the W3C, the governing body that keeps the Web free, amongst other things. See W3C in this glossary.

Malware or malicious ware, started out as a joke and has now become deadly. Plants itself in government, corporate, or private computers and reaps data like passwords and codes. Plants itself in registry edits and steals a hosts’ identity, contacts and money. Those are only a few things malware does. It can take over browsers from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox to Internet Explorer and many other SERPS, with the purpose of leading the user to pre-designated addresses. The intention of taking this tactic is for infecting the host PC with even uglier stuff from the Web. These malware are indiscriminate, leading even to hospital computers for example.

Markup is when, a document is edited and formatted using HTML or XML. The following are HTML markup examples, such as links created within a document, as well as for a documents’ layout formulation. Therefore tags like <this> are markup instructions and created within a program. See the example below.

<p>Letf is an opening paragraph tag in angle <brackets>, to the right are two <i>italic tags</i> first the opening tag and then the closing tag. The following tags are the opening <em>used to emphasize</em> closing tag, such as “used to emphasize” then comes the closing paragraph tag.</p>

Markup Language:
Markup is a formatting language to transform raw text, most commonly executed using HTML, XML or XHTML into structured documents, also used are ‘troff’ and ‘LaTeX’. See also Markup in this glossary.

MB stands for megabyte 1,048,576 bytes (mebibytes), often generically applied to 1,000,000 bytes as well.

Mbps are Megabits per second, a measurement of data transmission speed in a communication system; the number of megabits transmitted or received each second.

MBps with a capital B are Megabytes per second where eight Megabits equal one Megabyte, a measurement of data transmission speed in a communication system; the number of megabytes transmitted or received each second.

Metadata is commonly stated as “data about data”. Meaning the information about the content, making it able to be stored or retrieved from a database. This can be for images and text data. This is a very complicated subject to fully compile in a glossary and cannot be fitted here. There is no simple explanation for Metadata.

Meta Tag:
Meta Tags, the Meta Tags content, answers to the request made at the search engine, for the specific word requested by the searcher. It is an HTML tag or data tag, identifying the contents of a Website. Meta tags include information commonly found in the websites body text. Meta Tags include the short description of the content pertaining to a page on that site, as well as the keywords to rank that page. See Nesting in this glossary.

Microwave, are electromagnetic waves that travel in a straight line and used for multiple applications. Used by geocentric satellites, that transmits broadband signals for the Internet or TV. Also for wireless Internet Access via relay masts, in the 3.5 to 4.0 Ghz frequency. Microwaves are used for Bluetooth as well.

MIME, Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions is a vast subject. MIME formats ASCII messages for the Internet. The purpose with emails, is to make them more interactive, enabling send and receive for video, audio and graphic files by Internet and that is only just the surface. See ASCII in this glossary.

Modem is a modulator-demodulator. The purpose of a modem is to easily transmit and decode able signals for easily recordable purposes, then reproducing the original digital data intact. For the modulation of an analog signal, encoded digital information, as well as demodulating that signal, decoding the transmitted information.

Moz, denotes web association, being free, open and community driven, such as SEOmoz.com

MPEG, Moving Picture Experts Group suffixed .mpg, .mpeg, as well as .mp3 audio, come in different standards of operation, for example MPEG2, MPEG4, etc. The ISO/IEC group are in charge of the development of standards for the coded representation of digital audio and video. Files sizes are kept to around 1.5 Mbit/s through compression formats.

MP3 suffix .mp3 a format for music file compression that enables users to download music over the Internet.

Multimedia Incorporates shared text, images, sound, and color. Multimedia takes the complicated out of display and incorporates business slide shows as well as technical Web based videos.

MVC, Model View Controller, best example is Ruby on Rails Web application framework, although it is applied to other frameworks as well. The pertinent points are the application of MVC as they relate to frameworks.
1. Model; object and database.
2.View; Action view library.
3. Controller; traffic directing.
See Ruby on Rails in this glossary.

MySQL is an open source database incorporating a Relational Database Management System of a Structured Query Language. Not confused yet? Well read on. Think of a database as being a multi-threaded communicating system that communicates with different work sheets on a workbook instantaneously. MySQL is a unique and extremely fast data transferring system, with exceptional performance for large volumes of data processed at one time. MySQL is compatible with and used to run on many systems like Windows, Unix and Mac OS. Suffice to say you need it and you will use it, like you did getting where you are now. For interest, MySQL was named for the developer’s daughter “My” and the acronym from the term Structured Query Language.

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