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Narrowband is the dial-up system with transmission speeds of from 50 Bps to 64 Kbps. It is so slow that most narrowband services cannot connect to the Internet at times. Narrowband is known as voice band and still supports telephone systems around the world and is now mostly replaced by optic fiber using broadband.

Navigation is surfing your way around the Internet or simply navigating your way around your keyboard in the way that it replaces the mouse through key multi selection.

Navigation Bar:
Navigation bar, Nav-bar is best described as the bar, where the tabs to individual pages are displayed; these tabs contain hyperlinks to the pages of a website. Selecting multiple tabs in succession to view a website’s content is called navigation or navigating the site.

Nesting in HTML means the closure of a sentence by means of certain tags that indicate the form that a nested sentence is going to take. If it is intended to make the nested sentence bold and italic then <strong><i>tags are placed on either side of the nested sentence<i></strong> using an open and closing tag for bold and italic. In simple terms, the sentence is an italicized bold nested sentence. To place one document within another document is also termed nesting. See Hypertext in this Glossary.

Netiquette (it is pronounced like etiquette, i.e.net-iquette) in a single word is manners, dealing with online behavior, the rules of conduct for Internet users. Areas needing Netiquette are emails and especially group emails, where the Netiquette principles should be adhered to. Social interactions, such as social networks require behaving in the best form of Netiquette.

Network is accomplished in many ways, for instance Ethernet networks, WiFi networks, LAN networks, Printer networks, the Internet is a network. Two or more computers constitute a network, if connected to each other and able to communicate with one another, for users to share files and devices.

Newbie is a beginner. All the experts in the world once began as a newbie.

Notepad also Notepad++ is a Microsoft Windows plain text editor with the .txt extensions, but not always. Notepad supports both left-to-right and right-to-left based languages. Files for use in DOS can also be written in Notepad. Pages suitable for Markup language creation and editing are also constructed using Notepad. If a document needs to be stripped of code or formatting, then it is copied into Notepad where the code or formatting is removed, because this is a purely text program. Notepad does not create formats; therefore it is used to edit i.e. Word documents if the formats are to be cleared from that document.

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