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RAM, Random Access Memory, for computer data storage. In modern computers random access of memory is read in bursts of data and is strictly not random assess anymore.

Raster Graphics:
Raster Graphics does not scale up like vector graphics. The best way to understand this is to look at a smiley face and enlarge it; it becomes fuzzy whereas with vector graphics it does not become fuzzy, no matter how many times it is enlarged. The vectors in the image adjust to keep the image accurate. This is very important in certain design elements. This term can describe either how many pixels a monitor can display or how fine a printer can print.

Research is used to describe a collection of information about a particular subject, and is usually associated with science and the scientific method. Computer and computer technology research.

Resolution, or more correctly display resolution, to do with computers is generally found as plasma display panels (PDP) or liquid crystal displays (LCD). Resolution is measured in units of fixed-pixel-array measured in height by width e.g. 1280 x 1024. These are the number of pixels or dots DPI, referred to as pixel density measured as display resolutions. For pictures coming from the Web for instance, the picture must be adjusted to the specific resolution of your monitor before you can see the image correctly. This is scaling of the resolution and is done by a digital video processor in your computer. See Pixels in this glossary.

Robot; see Bot in this glossary.

RSS, really simple syndication or rich site summary. RSS is used as a feed system, in that it transmits content from a given website to a subscriber of that website. The purpose is for the subscriber to be updated of any new content from that website. These updates to the RSS subscriber can be set to a time span, as in once a day or automatically every time new content is displayed.

Ruby on Rails:
Ruby on Rails, known as rails in the trade. This full-stack-framework is also an open source application framework for developers.

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