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Tag, tags:
Tag, tags in computer speak, are firstly, made up live links for the text or images to lead the visitor to a said destination when clicked on. Secondly, tags “<strong>” are HTML instructions written by a programmer for a specific function and this function is for bold. See Nesting and Meta Tag in this glossary.

TCP or Transmission Control Protocol, monitors and ensures correct transfer of data.

TCP/IP, Transmission Control Protocol is a combined set of protocols. IP is the Internet protocol and are combined to work together. TCP makes sure of the tracking, as well as packaging data packets for Internet transfer and IP takes care of the delivery of that data. All computers have to have TCP/IP software for Internet interaction.

TDI, tabbed document interface allows for multiple windows or tabs to be open all at once, overlaying one over the other for the purpose of Internet surfing and cross referencing. The interaction of graphic user interface is applied for this function to work. See GUI in this glossary.

Technophobe is someone who is unreasonably frightened of technology. A technophobe is an individual who has a fear of (or dislike for) technology, particularly computers and other technology applications such as iPods, Androids, smartphones, etc.

Telecommunication is made possible in the modern age through the use of microwaves, optic fiber, copper wires and electromagnetism as well as using the Internet.

Telecommuting; as in working at home but connecting to one’s office by way of a computer network. See Telecommunication above.

Teleconferencing: See Webinar in this glossary

Template, there are many types of templates, anyhow most are a simple Web application that are used for website design functionality. These are user editable for such areas as address, emails and any other website application to personalize a website to suite the owner. Most templates are designer/programmer made, with after sales support by the marketer of the template. There are also templates that are engine made on mass. Templates are used extensively by webmasters working with CMS platforms.

Terabyte is equal to 1,000 gigabytes. See Byte in this glossary.

Thread is a programmer’s task for a path execution in a program. On the Web a thread is mostly to do with a query lead, to a forum on any given subject requiring or seeking an answer.

TLD Top Level Domain, stands for first, generic top level domains i.e. .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .jobs, etc. Secondly, you get country code top level domains i.e. .co.ca, .co.au, .co.uk, co.us, co.nz. For a total list of the TLD’s you can type TLD into Wikipedia search.

TLS, Transport Layer Security are cryptographic protocols used for security involving applications to do with VoIP, web browsing, emails and instant messaging.

Trackbacks and Pingbacks:
Trackbacks and Pingbacks, there is not a lot of difference in their use, they are for notifications and/or communications between websites. The main difference for example, see here; Trackbacks are manual and Pingbacks are automated.

Transparent is an open run program that is automated. Like .gif graphic software holds, or is able to create graphics that are all transparent, except for the subject matter in the center of the image. This is done to form a floating or 3D effect picture, on any background where the background is seen showing through the image. It is made possible using images of the types like GIF and PNG, programmed and designed for this purpose.

Trojan horse:
Trojan horse viruses, a very serious problem, which is programmed to resemble the Trojan horse of the legendary Troy, from the book by Homer “The Odyssey”. It mimics another type of program to get into its host. When in, it creates havoc with the computer files, even to the point where it deletes files from the hard drive. This virus often comes in the form of a computer game or in videos.

Tutorial is similar to a lecture format or more to the point, like video instructions, although they are done online using the Web. These step-by-step instructions, take the form of a blog or website page of instructions. Also through videos put out on YouTube or hosted by the online company themselves i.e. Google or WordPress.

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