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UNIX is an acronym without any direct meaning. It is an operating system designed in the 1960’s and has changed vastly since its inception and is mainly used as a multi-user operating system. UNIX is very popular with geeks.

Upload is to transfer a file or data to and from a server, or from one computer to another. See Download in this glossary.

UPS, Uninterruptable Power Supply is not the United Parcel Service, although it is a delivery of sorts. UPS is an application very necessary in today’s computing, especially for the supercomputer and cloud technologies. The general way UPS is applied is by a battery standby pack to prevent the computer losing its power supply before it can be properly shut down. Obviously for high powered computers and their systems, a backup generator is employed.

URI, Uniform Resource Identifier; the most commonly applied URI scheme is to a URL or webpage address. In general, a URI identifies applications of access to the machine, its resource, location and file name. In short it is Internet access to a name, address and its data; i.e. video, text, graphics and audio.

URL, Uniform Resource Locator is the address of a page on the World Wide Web. For example, the URL for this Web page is: https://wildmoz.com/glossary-a-z/glossary-r-z/u/. Some geeks claim that URI is a more accurate representation of a web address, so now you have the two.

Usability for example determines the capability of a website or program to perform certain functions that assist the user. How well these sites or programs interact with the intended target, governs its usability.

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