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XHTML, Extensible Hypertext Markup Language, XHTML 1.0 is sometimes referred to as HTML 5.0. The X is the XML of (XHTML) used for creating Web pages, which is based on the HTML 4.0 syntax, but now modified to follow the guidelines of XML. XHTML being “extensible” HTML or HTML5 is great for developers, who can now create their own objects and tags giving better control and appearance for each Web page they build. This makes for neater and more compatible web pages, giving a better final appearance and finish. See also XSLT below.

XML, Extensible Markup Language defined by the W3C as both human-readable and machine-readable markup language. Extensively used for Web services emphasizing its simplicity and usability via the Internet. Many APIs have been created for software developers to process XML data. Apple, OpenOffice and Microsoft have applied XML to great effect in their respective developments. Other XML based languages developed, include Atom, XHTML, RSS and SOAP, as well as Google and Bing XML site map generator.

XP, Microsoft Windows XP in the 2001 official Microsoft press release, Microsoft clarified that, for Windows XP, the XP in Windows stood for eXPerience. Therefore it was known as Windows Experience and abbreviated as simply Windows XP.

XSLT, Extensible Style Sheet Language Transformation. XML is a standardized language and XSLT style sheets provide a template, with rules that XML documents must conform to. XSLT makes it possible for an XML document to be received as input, which then outputs a file recognizable for programs it is intended for. In short, XSLT allows for documents to be transformed or modified, (even into HTML) so that another script or program will be able to read them.

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