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How Giraffe Stretched His Neck


Author & Illustrator

Mauritz Mostert


How Did Giraffe Get His Long Neck?




And His Legend Grows

It’s not about who’s the best, it’s about who’s the most imposing and humble about it. If that is correct, then Giraffe fits the bill. This, of course, is our latest book and it goes something like this:

Long, long, ago somewhere in Africa, when all the people and animals were new. There lived an animal called Giraffe. Do not be fooled, if you know what a Giraffe looks like now because this does not tell you how he got to look like he looks now, or what he looked like before he got to look like he looks now. Confused yet?

It is a colourful story involving Kudu, Okapi, Monkey, Hippo and even Python. Well, actually apart from those associates, many more of our animals feature in Giraffe’s saga, to make this a pleasing folktale to add to the collection. Included in this book is a free folktale some people have said they prefer to that of Giraffe. What can one say? I find it difficult to pick a favourite from our 25 Famous Folktales. Each is so unique, in that they tell such varied stories, that I think one would be poorer for the loss of one. I have been the one to pick from the many to make up the twenty five and found it difficult to pick the losers. We started creating the big book, 20 Famous African Folktales but the hurt of the loss of five, forced the numbers up to 25.

Anyway the big book – 25 Famous African Folktales – is finished, bar the printing, and will be out as soon as the publisher is satisfied it’s where they believe it should be. If you are wondering when, we are too. Anyway it seems not too long from now. But I can tell you, no one will be as excited as I will. This book has cost a lot of work, which started in 2011 and now has finally come of age, to grace the bookshelves of the world very soon.

Another few excerpts from Giraffe.


Kudu, Giraffe thought, was such a greedy animal with his habit of eating all his tongue could wrap around, starting from the lowest branches on up till he left nothing for poor Giraffe who loved Tamboti above all! The competition between these two animals had become too much for good-natured Giraffe to tolerate.


There conveniently at the base was a large dead tree trunk, evidently washed down the stream by a heavy storm, had come to rest right under that big, fat, tall Tamboti tree, the perfect place for Giraffes scheme. Closer inspection revealed the log was indeed in the most convenient position. Giraffe devised his master plan, in his opinion, that is. Intending to keep his next move secret, he quickly searched all around for Kudu up and down the banks of the stream. Kudu was nowhere in sight, so straight away, using the log as a step, Giraffe reached higher than ever before, each bite seeming much more delicious than the last.

What was to follow, has amused me for years. Giraffe’s situation, his encounters, the diabolical outcome of accident after circumstance, and bad judgment. They all come into play in this story.


The story goes on and for more…

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