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Wisdom Always Has It’s Day



An old warrior gives a lesson

Long, long ago somewhere in Africa… When the earth and all the people and animals were new… One crispy spring morning, Hyena wakened from a deep sleep, yawned a few times and stretched his wirey old frame into shape, preparing himself for the hunt.

The old fellow, now alone in his mature years and deciding on the valley for an easy hunt, moseyed on down the pathway. Deep in thought and passing by a pile of old bones, his belly grumbled from the memory of a one-time tasty meal.

Right there, in the vicinity of the old bones, he began to sniffle around for more of the same… hoping to chance upon a rabbit – or two – who may show themselves for a tasty morsel. In this way, with his nose to the ground he continued on his way down to the valley, ever hopeful.

All the while Squirrel, of the arboreal – tree – species was cautiously watching, as Hyena passed on below him and he muttered to himself.

“I don’t trust that Hyena. Not one little bit.”

This, of course, was with good cause, knowing Hyena would eat him in a trice given the first opportunity. He was keeping a close watch, hopping from tree to tree as Hyena inspected every inch of the terrain on his ramble through the damp grass.

If Squirrel were to think he had gone unnoticed by the old loner, he would be very wrong. Hyena never got to be so fit and so old, without all his wits being well-honed by age and experience.

Speaking of wits, Hyena noticed a young heavy-maned lion exercising his right to hunt in the same valley. It didn’t take him long to notice this newcomer was actually hunting him!


“Oh, oh!”

And coming up with a quick plan, he slowly and purposefully made his way back to the pile of bones he had passed earlier on his way down to the valley.

You know the bones? The bones that made his tummy grumble? Yes, he was making his way back to those old bones, while the lion stalked him ever closer, slinking from bush to bush intently eyeing him as he went.

The lion, seeing a chance to pounce, maneuvered himself into a good position.

You will surely know that lions and hyenas are lifelong, mortal enemies and this is no strange situation for either beast to be in.

Well, continuing with the story, we have Hyena lying down chewing on one of the more tasty-looking bones. Crunching away, he perceived the lion was about to jump, when he loudly exclaimed.

“Man, that was one delicious lion! I wonder if there’s more around? I’m starving,” looking around, he burped and licked his chops.

Lion, meanwhile ceasing every plan to spring, slinked away, creeping behind every bush he could find in his retreat. Eventually, out of danger’s way, he stood up shaking the dust from his mane while chiding himself.

“Wow, that was close. I nearly turned myself into a hyena’s breakfast! Imagine that!”


It will come as no surprise to you, that Squirrel was watching this whole affair from his lofty arboreal – tree – position. Having perched himself high above Lion in a tall tree, he announced his presence.

“Ahoy there! Lion! It’s me, Squirrel, your friend for the future.”

Lion looked up, squinting into the sunlight and saw Squirrel peering down at him with a silly grin on his face. Realizing Squirrel had probably seen the whole scene, he embarrassingly cleared his throat.

“What do you want?”

“It’s not what I want that’s the question. It’s what you want from me that matters.”

Lion was curious at Squirrel’s odd remark.

“And what might that be?”

“Well, being a wise lion and all, I’m sure you know, I saw the drama unfold between you and that sneaky hyena.”

“Why a sneaky hyena?” Asked Lion, with obvious curiosity.

Squirrel, as you can imagine, spilled the beans and told Lion all about the trick Hyena had played on him. Lion was furious and jumping up – because he had lain down again – invited Squirrel to climb on his back and take a ride to where he had last left Hyena.

Now, while riding on Lions back, Squirrel reckoned things should have been like this from the beginning. Naturally, you can understand Squirrel’s intentions were noble! In aid of bettering his own position in life and having the opportunity to come out big with Lion. Squirrel, for good reason, thought that all would be trumps for him and his kind throughout the whole district. After all, we squirrels must stand together in a common cause against all hyenas.

Hyena meanwhile, lying quietly gazing at that old pile of bones and pleased with himself for foxing Lion, suddenly saw the two intrepid adventurers coming his way. Lion was striding out with a look to kill. Now this called for further wise action in order to save his hide yet again.

Having formulated a plan, Hyena was ready for for them. Nonchalantly, turning back to his bone, he waited patiently pretending not to have seen Lion, until he was almost on top of him…

“I’m ravenous! Where’s that lazy squirrel? It’s been ages since I sent him to bring me another lion!”

The moral of the story, you say?

Don’t mess with the old codgers.

Age and skill will always overcome youth and treachery!

That kind of brilliance only comes with wisdom and experience…

Author: Moz.

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