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What Does He See?


Leopard Portrait in Oils by Moz

“Anticipation” is available in a small run of limited edition signed prints on canvas, prices ranging $50.00 to $150.00. To contact the artist on a secure link click here. If you would like to commission Moz for an oil painting of your own choice, contact the artist here.


Leopard Portrait – Stage One

This magnificent leopard is the first in a new group of Mauritzs’ work, featuring the big five. Painted in oils on canvas mounted on board, in the old masters method, this leopard portrait measures 44 x 61 centimeters or 17 x 24 inches. A link to the href=””>artist’s bio.

Because Mozs’ studio and my office now share the same space, I got some shots of the work in progress and I thought I’d share a couple of stages this wonderful painting went through before completion.

When Moz begins, the first detail completed is the eye, to “fix” the soul of the animal  in his mind before the real work starts. Here the fine detail is being added over the basic color sketch. Note the hairs in the ear.

Starting to take Shape


Leopard Portrait- Stage Two

Here, the many layers of color that make up the fur are being added. The entire painting was done using  “1”, “0” and “00” brushes! To give you some idea, these are the same size and smaller than brushes used to apply eyeliner.

The finished result is an image so alive you feel that you could reach out to stroke the fur beneath his powerful neck muscles. His eyes are fixed on some faraway object – a herd of wildebeest, an impala perhaps. With slightly raised hackles, our leopard is quivering with anticipation…



Looking More Like Himself


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