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Are you magnesium deficient?



Magnesium chloride crystal


How will you know?

Of the world’s population, around 70% have a magnesium shortage. Are you one of them? If you are, it’s no wonder, seeing our plants no longer contain the magnesium levels they used to.

When I read about magnesium shortages worldwide, I thought about our readers and how they may be faring. Some people say magnesium is the most important mineral the body can have. So this article is a little off topic, which I’m sure you don’t mind and may even welcome.

Well, you can always drink sea water. No, I’m serious. Did you know sea water has the same chemical make-up as our blood?

‘I take magnesium replacement tablets,’ you say. At an absorption rate of only 20%, when the average slow release magnesium tablets contain between 60-70 mg, you most likely are magnesium deficient and somewhat out of pocket as well.

We humans need approximately 500mg per day and that means absorbable magnesium, not the kind that goes straight through your system but the kind that sticks around and works for its money.

It might not surprise you that the skin is our body’s biggest organ and will absorb magnesium readily when applied. In fact, it is the most efficient method of upping your magnesium levels fast and safely, if done correctly.

We are talking about magnesium chloride here, in case you were wondering, it has the highest available magnesium absorption, verses other types of magnesium.


Magnesium nugget

We at Wildmoz deal in the eco system by-and-large and it so happens, when I researched plants’ magnesium shortage, I was constantly being presented with the world’s deficiency in plants, animals and humans. Therefore if the magnesium scarcity was not important, this article would not have needed to be written.

In our body, over 300 metabolic functions rely on this vital mineral. Our system’s electrolytic levels are aided with magnesium. Examples of electrolyte function, are to regulate heartbeat and facilitate muscular contractions, which gives you movement from your neck down. Your electrolytes keep your nerves calm, endocrine system functioning correctly and regulate blood sugar. How about that?

Magnesium also detoxifies and cleanses our bodies the natural way, as well as facilitating the absorption of any supplements or meds, including the nutrients in the food we eat. The problem here is, our plants are also suffering a magnesium shortage. Either, we must make sure to eat plants with high magnesium levels or supplement our systems with the necessary magnesium to kick cells back into their proper action.

Cost and availability is also what this story is all about. Magnesium chloride BP, (simple and affordable) if obtained in its fine crystal form, through your pharmacy in 500g containers. If you do not want to take it internally you can make your own magnesium oil to apply on your skin. Its simple enough to make (mix it with wintergreen if you like). This can be applied in many varying ways in a manner to suits each one of us. Check it out. Magnesium has many faces. There are many forms of magnesium to suit all needs. So, find what suits you.


Magnesium mine Navada USA

Here is a list of some useful foods high in magnesium for you. These figures will vary according to the magnesium content in the soil the plants were grown in.

Women’s RDA 310mg

Men’s RDA 400mg

  1. Almonds – 1 ounce: 80mg is 20% RDA
  2. Avocado – 1 medium: 58mg is 15% RDA
  3. Banana – 1 medium: 32mg is 8% RDA
  4. Cashew nuts – ¼ cup: 30mg is 22% RDA
  5. Chard – 1 cup: 154mg is 38% RDA
  6. Dark chocolate – 1 square: 95mg is 24% RDA
  7. Pumpkin seeds – 1/8 cup: 92mg is 23% RDA
  8. Rice brown – 1 cup: 86mg is 21% RDA
  9. Spinach – 1 cup: 157mg is 40% RDA
  10. Yogurt or Kefir – 1 cup: 50mg is 13% RDA

The internet is full of data on the problem of the magnesium shortage and how to correct it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of jokers getting on the bandwagon, so we have a link below that is sound and well tested. Remember ‘eat the meat and spit out the bones.’

Seeing we are not in the medical field, down below is an informative video for you to draw your own conclusions, before trying fix your shortage, if you have one. You will be surprised what problems a magnesium shortage can cause.

All plants (like humans) need magnesium to function properly and if your soil had enough of it this article would probably not be necessary. All plants, your houseplants, flowers and vegetables can benefit from magnesium added to the soil and their better health and growth will in turn benefit you. It is hard to damage a plant with too much magnesium. But use your brains anyway. The best method I know, and used all my life, is Epsom salts, at a rate of one tablespoon mixed in 5lt – one gallon – water, sprayed on plant leaves every 6 weeks or as necessary. another way is to apply one desert spoon around the base of a medium house plant and water in. Work from those measurements.

Epsom salt, – magnesium sulfate – also acts as a fertilizer by sprinkling one tablespoon dry at the base of the plant and watering in well. This last method is wonderful for promoting health and strong colors for flowers, especially roses. Always test and be judicious.

Here’s a tip for getting quick and cheap magnesium at Gwens Nest, be patient they take forever to get to the point.

In my opinion, the best solution is an expert with a video. This expert was hugely overweight and decided to change his life, we’re thankful he did. This is one we support here at Wildmoz, because it goes into all the magnesium types, which can be bought at the links above. Note: We do not make money from people we advise. Well, not yet at any rate. Wildmoz is an add-free site. We give our data for free. Blessings are all we need.

Video Run Time: 12:58 min

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