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Never be a Target of a Mugging

One of South Africa’s Shuttle Services “Airlink”. This is an Exec. Multi-Engine Shuttle.


Keep South Africa Clean. Don’t Get Mugged

I believe I promised you something. If you’re here because of our last entry on Wildmoz, then welcome. If not, please read the last entry entitled, “Mugged: Save Your Hide Touring South Africa”  for the intro to this story.

I’m no expert when it comes to being mugged but I can tell you this, when you’re raised in the bush and fought in the bush, you learn to look at everything suspiciously by nature. You learn to look for bombs, rapists, strange dogs and mugging situations in every place you walk when in public.

So, because I am not fond of being extra careful when in public, I learned to choose where I go more carefully. Is this a bad thing? I don’t think so, because it made for a safer more relaxed way of life. How does one know where a mugging is about to happen and then, how do you avoided it in the first place?

Another “Airlink” Shuttle. This Time an Executive Turboprop


There’s Less Traffic and Mugging by Air

Because my family flew and we had our own airfield, it was natural that I started flying young. And when I got to seventeen, I went solo and was just eighteen when I got my private pilot’s license. This thrilled me no end, because I could fly everywhere and avoid the traffic. I flew back and forth to the bush again and again. I learned it was a much better method of travel when it came to safety and comfort.

Flying was such a natural way of life, that still today I prefer flying everywhere and anywhere as my first choice. And this leads me to this article, which is how to stay out of troubles way, when it comes to touring and mugging.

My early years of air travel, really grounded something inside of me. I got many of my friends involved in flying and some of them are either still flying for a living, or travel by air, as a preference to any other form of transport, to this day. You most likely flew into South Africa; therefore it stands to reason that you wouldn’t have the responsibility of looking after any transport of your own. So flying and hiring a car at your different destinations would be a natural choice for you anyway.

For a tourist in South Africa we have lots of fantastic small and large commercial air services that will take you anywhere you would like to go, in this country and neighboring states. I have heard of mugging on aircraft, but I must say, it’s somewhat rare.

Again an “Airlink” Shuttle. This Time a Twin Exec. Jet


For Wild Travel you need a Wild Card

If you have come to tour South Africa to see wildlife or game viewing opportunities, then flying is your best bet. It is after all, the twenty first century. My suggestion to you is buy a Wild Card, which is valid for a year, giving you access and preferential treatment to any registered national reserve in the country. Go to Wild Card for details on the how and where to buy. Once in a reserve you are mostly very safe, as long as you stay away from rhino’s and poachers. Flying from reserve to reserve, you minimize the risk of getting into a mugging better than most. You can hire a car at almost all the national reserves in the country and mostly from the airports. In fact, I don’t know of one where this is not the case and if so… it is always best to book ahead. I’ve not heard of a mugging taking place at any national game reserve as of yet, although it may have occurred.

If you must go into a city or mall then hire some guides from your hotel, or go with a large group of friends, which will definitely minimize your chances of becoming a victim of a mugging. Also inquire from local security companies – of which there are many all over the country – and see if they can help you in a difficult situation. If you have to travel by car, arrange for your hotel to check out your next destination for your arrival.

There is a common service, offered throughout the country by accommodation suppliers, to prevent hold-ups and or mugging incidences turning nasty between destinations. It works like this. If by a certain prearranged time, you have not let your last accommodation know you have arrived safely at your next destination, they will send out a search party for you. Before booking, find out what kind of service your hosts offer, so that you can make a quality decision. Also once again, try to travel in car groups or by tour bus, because bus operators look out for you; you’re valuable cargo.

Most importantly, take trouble to stay safe and don’t get brave, it doesn’t make you a hero and the pay-offs lousy. Remember… even sky diver’s wear parachutes. I hope this story helps you make a better choice and you enjoy your visit out of harm’s way.

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