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Antibiotic, Anti-fungal and Antiviral



The bad old days when dogs ate your ice-cream in the drug store. Artist Lee Dubin


Natural cure oils do it all

We are not dealing with all the essential oils naturally, but this is an article which explains why they are essential in the first place. Essential oils are today’s only answer. We have to go back to faith and herbs for a better life. No, we’re not a medical mumbo jumbo outfit, but sometimes life can swing one by you unexpectedly strange and fast, so forearmed is forewarned, as my gran used to tell me.

To get cured using chemical antibiotics is like going to the 51st floor by elevator, while natural essential oils are like getting to the 51st floor, using the stairs. When it comes to herbal oils, slowly but surely does it – but it does it – and that’s the point, boosting your immune system while your healing takes place. Instead of beating it up with chemicals, with you left to pick up the pieces. Next time your doctor prescribes you something, ask for a guarantee;-) If you do get one, you’ll also know pigs can fly!

You don’t want the elevator in a power failure. That’s what’s happening today with modern antibiotics. Antibiotics have been abused and overused, creating too many power failures in our systems, with side effects that risk our lives. Unless you like being the guinea pig for an experiment. We at Wildmoz, deal and live with nature and believe in good health the natural way.  As far as is possible – without being rabid about things – we use our brains to decide what’s best.

It’s no surprise that the world has overused or abused the humble antibiotic out of sight. With almost every living thing we consume on them, nothing is without them. Naturally, something must break. Every commercial – non-organic – chicken, sheep, cow and goat are antibiotisized to our death, if you eat the meat or use the eggs, you are consuming antibiotics.

I think the time has come for warning signs on meat products. Like, “contains ‘e-lethalrin-di-one-shot,’ consume at your own risk.” Well, his family having been in the business since 1890, this man has the answer in healthy-to eat chickens and he proves it with oregano chicken feeding. That is the written story about chickens, or you can watch this video.

Video Run Time: 10:37 min

I know someone who recently acquired a serious bladder infection from eating chicken overdosed with antibiotics. So much so that they almost died. “Why,” that was the question doctors could not answer. When they – I’ll call him/her Peter –  had every antibiotic and medical test known to man run through him/her over a seven month period while they nearly bled to death. No antibiotic would work, not even a double ‘black box’ antibiotic course given twice in a row. This stumped the – I’ll call them physicians for the sake of a better word.

The change came when the heart, kidneys and liver started to show major signs of damage. Peter turned away from modern medicine and to ‘nature’s essential oils’ when it was finally discovered the virus had come from the overdosed ‘antibiotic riddled chicken.’ Peter’s immune system had become inert and unable to utilize the other medications given. Naturally! Everything they gave Peter, was destroying the immune system.


Methods of decanting fluids. Your life may depend on scenes like this. Image, Book Archive

Surprise, surprise! You can poison yourself with ‘good’ medicine – ever so slowly or quickly as in this case – because your body develops the ‘argues,’ where every fiber in the system is screaming, enough. When one vital organ after the other is arguing the toss, like what was happening to Peter.

It was not Peter’s one and only chicken that did it. Many, on down the line, had weakened his immune system and when the virus came along, as they do, Peter had no resistance and voila. The highly charged antibiotic meat made Peter’s system resistant to medical antibiotic treatments. But that was not all! As a result of Peter’s weakened condition from too many antibiotic treatments, he/she had become infected with a Coxsackie B virus, requiring an antiviral, plus a robust immune system. Both of which, Peter had now lost.

Viruses are another story science has run into a wall about. No real answers, so now what?

The antibiotic meat people eat, can and does kill. No human body can be exposed to that kind of abuse ad infinitum, without some or other breakdown. Asking “who’s at fault,” becomes asinine and if you ever establish the facts, you’ll find there’s not enough evidence to satisfy your argument anyway. Suffice to say, we have antibiotic infused meat on the market, making the world’s meat-eating community antibiotic-resistant. Now what? Let’s not get into hormones in meat, shall we? That’s another story for another day.


Small essential oil distillery. Some are still in use today. Image, book archive

The answer could be the many essential oils on the market like the oils of oregano, rosemary, and thyme that have all the natural antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal properties mankind needs.

Here we are out of our depth. When it comes to any counsel on medical matters, the experts are who you need. I am happy if some people have been helped, like our friend Peter, who is well and growing back an immune system naturally and at the same time, living an organic food life. As already said, forewarned is forearmed.

What can one say when meat is shipped from the USA to China to be processed. Then shipped back to the US for consumption! And I have no axe to grind with either UN member. Video on oregano by Dr Axe.

Video run time: 4:19 min

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