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How The Zebra Got His Stripes

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How the Zebra Got His Stripes

(An excerpt from the book) 

Long, long ago, somewhere in Africa, when all the people and animals were new… There was a great drought, the sun was hot and the water had dried from all but the deepest pans and waterholes.

Deep in the Green Desert, at one of the biggest fountain pools, was a very large irritable baboon and self-proclaimed king of the desert and its water. This baboon, had decided to keep the great big fountain water all to himself.

“I am Baboon king, owner of this water,” he would declare, chasing off everyone who came that way, begging for a drink.


(An excerpt from the book) 

The Green Desert

As is the way of the Green Desert, nights were very cold, so the baboon made a big fire to keep himself warm. To never feel chilled, he kept this fire burning day and night.

Time passed, with many animals wandering to this water, pleading with the baboon for a drink, but to no avail, he chased them viciously away. All around the Green Desert grew dusty and dry as the drought lengthened. Many animals made their way to these big sweet waters, only to be frightened away by this fire-throwing, self-proclaimed king of the water. But unbeknown to Baboon, there was one coming who did not appreciate being chased off by anyone. This was the white one called Zebra, who was well known for his courage.

Our story with Zebra begins when he decided to leave the acacia country to make his home in the great, green, grassy plains of Africa. To get there, he had to pass by the big water of the Green Desert. Many of the animals, who knew of Zebra’s imminent arrival, would tell the arrogant baboon king of his coming. Some said he was not far off, only days away, while others said, he was across the far side of the mountains. This they had heard from Eagle, who knew of him.

“I am not afraid of anyone!” cried the baboon king in rage, stomping about throwing dust and grass into the air. “I can fight, with four hands, huge teeth and I have fire!” Furiously the baboon king would yell his retort to their tales of this white zebra. “When he comes, I will show him who the strongest king of all the kingdoms is.”


(An excerpt from the book) 

Zebra Meets Giraffe

One of the animals Zebra met at the very beginning of his long journey was Giraffe. To his amazement, he had never seen such a tall animal!

“Eish” he exclaimed, first seeing Giraffe’s huge feet, looking up, up, up, he met Giraffe’s friendly brown eyes looking down at him.

“How did you get so tall and by what name do they call you?” Zebra was trying to be polite by not asking too many questions. Although, still endeavoring to remain courteous, he could not resist looking up once again at Giraffe’s towering height.

“My name is Giraffe and my story I will tell you one day. Right now, I am on a long journey to the acacia tree country and I am very thirsty, in need of much water,”

“Is there no water where you have come from then?”

“Oh there is plenty of water,” answered Giraffe graciously, leaning down so as not to appear over lofty. “But there the water is guarded by a great big vicious baboon, who chases all that go there to drink, even using fire.”

“I am going to the big plains where the large grasslands are,” said the quietly spoken Zebra.

“You will need water if you are going that far. Now from here on, there is only one watering place on your journey. This is the great water claimed by the big nasty baboon,” warned Giraffe, while continuing to lean down for Zebra to hear properly.


(An excerpt from the book) 

Zebra Meets Eagle

As Zebra was wandering down the pathway again, he came across the strangest animal, who was sitting on a large stump at the side of the pathway.

“Hello, what is your name and where are your front legs?”

“I am Eagle, who flies the skies and these are my wings, which are my arms,” said Eagle proudly stretching out his huge wings. “And your name sir?” enquired he.

‘They call me Zebra and I am on my way to the great, green, grassy plains.”

“Now, trouble you will certainly find on your journey to the endless plains, because the baboon has taken control of the big water. I am the only one who can get to drink those sweet waters,” declared Eagle, looking politely down his nose at Zebra. “Although looking at you,” said the noble chatty Eagle, “you look very capable of defending yourself against many a foe. If what I have heard around is true, I think you are more than capable of taking care of that nasty Baboon.”


(An excerpt from the book)

Zebra Meets Warthog

Further on, while ambling down the road, deep in thought, Zebra was suddenly brought up short by a snuffling, snorting kind of sound. And there, right in front of him was the strangest sight of an animal’s rump protruding from the ground. All of a sudden, with dirt and debris flying out into the air, there emerged a very strange looking creature, in Zebra’s opinion, anyway.

Warthog on exiting his hole in the ground caught a glimpse of something bright and on looking up was surprised to see this animal with its dazzling white coat looking down at him. He was a little jealous of this sparkling white animal before him, looking down at his own coat, being, well… mostly muddy and dark. Although not so muddy these days, about which he grumbled in a gruff muttering voice, more to himself than anyone else.

Happy to see this new stranger, Warthog jumped up off his knees and introduced himself to Zebra, who in turn, introduced himself as well.

Warthog asked Zebra where he came from and where he might be headed.


And the story goes on…

…until the Zebra gets his stripes. Above are short selected excerpts from the book. This is a beautiful story, creating the right tension for readers of all ages. This book is wonderfully entertaining, moral and educational, as well as makes for a nice story around the camp fire.  It is the first one in a twelve part African Folktale series, that we are doing in the same old English, reminiscent of the old style speech of folktales.

We are putting out a new addition of
How The Zebra Got His Stripes
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Over 50 thousand copies of “Zebra” sold so far.

The next one in our series is “How The Leopard Got His Spots” soon to be completed in 2017. The continued African Folktales series will be added here on our site as-and-when they are completed, so keep a look-out for the upcoming books. We are hoping to bring the trilogy out this year as well, so keep an eye out for these beautiful stories that entertain children and adults alike.


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