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How The Zebra Got His Stripes

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(Excerpts from the book)

How the Zebra Got His Stripes

Long, long ago, somewhere in Africa, when all the people and animals were new… There was a great drought, the sun was hot and the water had dried from all but the deepest pans and waterholes.


The Green Desert

Time passed, with many animals wandering to this water, pleading with the baboon for a drink, but to no avail, he chased them viciously away.


Zebra Meets Giraffe

One of the animals Zebra met at the very beginning of his long journey was Giraffe. To his amazement, he had never seen such a tall animal!

“My name is Giraffe and my story I will tell you one day. Right now, I am on a long journey to the acacia tree country and I am very thirsty, in need of much water,”


Zebra Meets Eagle

“I am Eagle, who flies the skies and these are my wings, which are my arms,” said Eagle proudly stretching out his huge wings. “And your name sir?” enquired he.

‘They call me Zebra and I am on my way to the great, green, grassy plains.”


Zebra Meets Warthog

Warthog on exiting his hole in the ground caught a glimpse of something bright and on looking up was surprised to see this animal with its dazzling white coat looking down at him…


And the story goes on…

Book for sale

Book For Sale

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From Book Reviews:

I have had a fascination for all of Africa since I was a small child. I’ve visited many countries in Africa, and know that mankind began in Africa. I have always been interested in the ancient people and their folktales.

I don’t recall how I came to find Wildmoz, but there is so much to learn and enjoy on Wildmoz. When I came Upon the Folktales Books, they opened up a new understanding of tales which have been told orally since ancient times.

The Trilogy (I do hope there are many more of these books) includes, How the Leopard Got His Spots, How the Zebra Got His Stripes, and Jabu and the Lion.

Each of the stories make you feel as if the author is telling the stories orally. I can imagine, sitting around a campfire on a starry night, listening to an ‘old man’ tell stories he’d heard since his youth. The words flow easily and the first two folktales can easily be understood by even the youngest child. The last book about Jabu is better understood by an older child or an adult.

The personalities of the animal characters in the stories follow the traits of the real animals. Although the stories are folktales, they are true to the individual animal. All tales should have a morality statement, and these stories do not disappoint.

I found, many of the descriptions in the stories, amusing. I so liked the one about the tasamma melons quenching the thirst but leaving a strange feeling on your teeth. It immediately brought to my mind, eating a persimmon.

I would recommend these books for both children and adults.

Bobbi Lippe Mallace USA

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