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Pallets, Recycling Natural Resources

The humble pallet spaza


Innovations the Pallet Way

Increasingly, we live in a world that is rewriting the rules. Climate change, poverty, and war (where animals and people are victims) blights many of earth’s most beautiful countries. So people fight back – salvaging, recycling, educating, planting and improving. But nowhere is this more visible than in Africa; a continent full of inspiring stories.

Today we feature the humble pallet, that ubiquitous relic of a world economy based on transporting vast quantities of goods over immense distances. By container ships, goods trains and trucks, pallets are distributed all over the world and they wash up everywhere. Piles of them stack up behind sheds and warehouses, rotting in the sun.

Incensed by the waste of such fine wood, M has made several pallet projects we use and enjoy. Also, while you are there check out how to make life easier in disassembling pallets the easy way. But wandering our corner of Africa, we found some really ambitious pallet projects that leave our paltry offerings in the shade. I’m sure looking around your neck-of-the-woods might reveal some hidden secrets your way too.

The owner and one of the proud builders

Items made from old pallets have become chic, even trendy. Their rustic wood has that industrial edge that fits the hipster ethos and they are turned into expensive tables, cupboards and accessories all over the world.

A house with a useful extension

Look at these wonderful creations! Most are made using pallets and very little else except for ingenuity and imagination! You can make anything by reusing old materials like pallets; they can be crafted into useful things that you won’t be able to find in any store. Try walking into Ikea and buying a complete church!

Bachelor pad says “Mind your own business” in Shangaan (Tiva Tawe)

Want to start a little spaza-shop – make some much-needed cash and supply the community with fresh bread and vegetables? Well, first you get your pallets and …

Caught in the act!

Has there ever been an item reused more creatively, with more function and practical application than the humble wooden pallet? Something made to help move large quantities or large objects in and around warehouses and shops. And around the world. In case you don’t know there are some fancy woods among some of them-thar pallets.

Pallet church and outbuildings

The pièce de résistance is this after hours ongoing project. Come to Africa – we’ll show you how it’s done! Or else see the video and show your friends 200 ways of ‘how to’.

Video Run Time: 26:51 min (You can turn the sound off if you prefer and play your own music;-)

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