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The Great Animal Battle

Author & Illustrator

Mauritz Mostert


A Battle of Bad Intent



The Great Animal Battlefield


In the Beginning

Long, long ago, somewhere in Africa, when all the people and animals were new, the darkest day in Africa started something like this.

Here, beginning at the beginning, at what was said to be the beginning, we do not know, because no one knows. Yet one thing we do know is the animal kingdom was still in its infancy, so as to say.

The quest for sovereignty between the Things-of-the-Earth and the Things-of-the-Air had been brewing for some time. The object. Dominion. In the book which is listed among “Our Books” from the tab above. This story has a shocking intent if it was one of reality, it would be tragic, but as a folktale, it reveals an amusing group of challenges and obstacles to overcome, making this a gripping story in dialog and narrative and well worth the read.


The Things of the Air



The following excerpt of dialog plays itself out throughout the story, what one would term “banter” in modern English. Of course, this banter throws caution to the wind, as if by it, they demonstrate their toughness. Each side laying claim to some kind of right, to badger as they pleased. Considering the dire consequences that may result from so careless an approach to the survival of the species, but they press on, no matter.

Bald Vulture from his arboreal perch, bragging again true-to-character, addressed Black Vulture.

“I must say, I think I have eaten more Things-of-the-Earth than any other bird alive.”

“Never mind bird, I think you may have eaten even more than Lion, Hyena and Jackal put together.”

Lion, lying under the tree, was unimpressed with these vultures talking about him in this manner, especially in his presence. He allowed them to rile him, letting them get under his skin, thereby falling right into their trap.

“Listen, you… black air pig. If I challenged you, you would simply fly away like a chicken-hearted escape artist. You only eat the dead you steal, where others kill. Your talk is big, but your heart is yellow. You are not even brave enough to back up your mouth in your own defense. As for you, you devious, bald, scavenging carcass percher, come down here and fight. How dare you come to bother peaceful creatures like us, minding our own business taking a much needed nap”


The Things of the Earth


Caught Without Warning

Unrepentant both sides increased their banter to such an unreasonable level that terror attacks became obvious.

The first onslaught by the Things-of-the-Air caught the Things-of-the-Earth by surprise, scattering them near and far. Lion roared to call order to his assembly, shaking the ground till even the trees lost some seeds, bringing leaves fluttering down. Lion motioned for them all to gather round. The whole mess was working on Lion’s sense of decorum, rattling his nerves.

“This is chaos. If there is going to be a battle, there must be order. Eagle, what are your thoughts?”

“I believe a battle someday is unavoidable. Therefore, to my mind, this day is as good a day as any.


Laying Out the Battlefield

Their bad behavior inevitably led to an unavoidable conflict which finalized in a war and one that could not be negotiated out of. The battlefield chosen, it had become necessary to group on opposite sides for the purpose of a strange and unnecessary war.

While the Things-of-the-Earth were laying out their battlefield, Lion with his compatriots passed by the river where Hippopotamus and Crocodile were awaiting their instructions.

“Because you Crocodile, are unpredictable, no one in their right mind would turn their back on you. I suggest you stay in the river to defend it. As for you Hippo, I also think since you with yours, know the ways of Crocodile with his, it would be best you help one another with the Otters at your sides to save the river from a take-over.”

Lion passing on by the river went about setting his troops by their respective family groups.



Judgement comes in the oddest way. But it got their attention, none the less.


The story goes on and for more…


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