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Giraffe in the mist, in a Zimbabwe mountain plain


Yes, Welcome to Wildmoz… Finally

I’ve been longing to write those three words for what seems like eons. It’s finally here… Not helped by the fact that we were simultaneously writing two books, developing a third and feeding our other websites with occasional updates.

The first thing I want to do is thank each and every one of you who took the time to follow the link  to subscribe to Wildmoz. You know who you are and the encouragement and motivation certainly helped us through many, many, late nights. If you sent an e-mail and I haven’t answered yet, please forgive me. If I could describe how our world has been spinning, in the last few weeks, you’d understand. If there is a question you need answered, please resend and I’ll get around to replying in the next few days.


Why Wildmoz? What’s in a name?

First of all, the meaning of the name. Many people have had many thoughts on what the name could stand for? Actually it’s quite simple if you know web speak:

Wild means ‘wild,’ as in all things wild and ‘moz,’ means free in web-speak; the examples are, SEOmoz.com, Mozilla, the free Firefox browser, Moz.com, DMOZ.com etc.

Therefore Wild and Moz = Wild and free = Wildmoz.


The Scattering

Here’s a shout-out to all South Africans of the scattering – worldwide; take this chance to share your memories with the world. Did you grow up in wilds of Africa and the natural world? Tell us about it and give us a link to your blog/website/Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest page. We’ll share your stories, African recipes and pictures with the world.

Wildmoz is about wildlife everywhere, with a focus on Africa (the cradle of life) but including items of interest from other parts of the world. It will be the sum total of its parts. Latest from the Wildmoz Base Camp will consist of news (Dispatches) from The Team in the Trenches as well as our current adventures; we are also intending to feature guest submissions from around the world. As long as it’s about the natural world, share it here.


Guest Articles

Wildmoz was always intended to be a community wildlife website and if you have anything you would like to share that is appropriate for Wildmoz, please use the contact page to submit your story or pictures. You will receive full credit for your original content. Obviously, we reserve the right to edit your submissions “slightly”. Don’t fear, we are two writers and an editor doing this website.

These voluntary submissions will be posted if and when space is available. Please note that submissions must be family friendly, in good taste. We have many articles in the pipeline that we have gathered during this time and plan to put up one article a week.

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