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In a perfect world, we can… In an imperfect we try

Ever since our self-imposed exile and eventual return, we saw our future lying clearly before us. We have tried, and failed to walk in the ways that others, stronger than us have managed. The pull of home was too strong, too urgent to be ignored.

What are we trying to do here? An information and communication website for everyone who loves wildlife like we do and especially for all homesick Africans. Wildmoz, where you can find bush stories, traditional African food (recipes), folktales, pictures, news, books and more.

Wildmoz is a place to connect. A like-minded, tribal-community website, where links lead to great stuff! See the side bars on both sides of this article. How about places to visit, arguments (we’ll keep it clean), places to stay, safaris, support for causes, etc…you get the message!

If “they” invent a way to put scents into electron format, you can be sure we’ll be trying to implement smells-of-the-bush on Wildmoz. If you didn’t, I’m sure you get the message now! Exactly what you need when faced with yet another “When-we-were-in-Africa” moment.

Wildmoz for African Folktales

Along with Wildmoz, we’re launching our African Folktales series – full-length versions of well-known and much-loved traditional African Folktales for all ages; some you may have heard of and some you won’t know. How The Zebra Got His Stripes click for a free preview of this and other wonderful little e-books. This is the first in the series of twelve folktales we are slowly working on. Keep a eye out, as they slide off the hot press.

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Meet Our Authors: The Wildmoz team, Cari and Moz, have a lifelong passion for the Bushveld and share adventures and stories about Africa's good things. Wildmoz is Africa - the cradle of life! Travel writing about wildlife, African folklore, wildlife art, Kruger Park and wildlife safari info! Taste life as it is in Africa.
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