Bush Neighbors


Bush Neighbors


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This is About Our Wild Neighbors


Giant Lizard: Are Animals Really Smart?

Leguaan, why leguaan? I could have written about rhino, elephant or even martial eagles. Instead, I have written about an animal closer to home, because I think some of our readers may be as un-informed about one of their closest neighbors as I was. And another reason is that it’s about the largest wild animal that would live in your attic in the same way these ones do. By the way, leguaan is pronounced le-ga-vaan and is in fact a rock monitor lizard and the largest lizard of its kind in Africa. It’s close relative is the water monitor lizard and not as big, although a lot more attractive.


It’s On It’s Way: Deadly Boomslang

The scene without a Boomslang – English Phonetic – a drowsy, summer afternoon, heat soaked bush, thick and still, the quiet interrupted now and then by the buzz of some manic insect carrying on with busy work. The plated lizards have left their rocks and retreated to ground level into the damp warm shade. Larger creatures hang around in sleepy groups in the heavy gloom of thicker bush.

There’s An Eerie Quiet

Birds, up before dawn, twittering and tweeping, frantically filling little beaks and answering the relentless cheep, cheeps of tiny tyrants, have seemingly vanished.


Life in the African Undergrowth

Some little big five African animals you may not have seen. Quick! Let’s play word association. What are the first three animals that spring to mind when you think African wildlife – Probably not caterpillars, lizards or beetles? Well, I rest my case. For awesome and wonderful, we’ve been well trained to see big as best and for awesome and wonderful you don’t have to look further than the big five and the large antelope of Africa. So bug..er the little ones.

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