Africa Style Rain


Almost the End of the Dry Season, the Rain is coming



Dry But Still Fat


Not a drought, only Natural

All over the planet, seasons are changing. In the Northern Hemisphere, you’re getting ready for fall and here in the Southern Hemisphere, we’re waiting for spring.

It’s hot here and the earth is still. Nature waits, as it always does, for the change. The rain is coming. These ancient rhythms repeat year after year, cycles of birth and death, renewal and decay as old as time itself.

Today even the dawn chorus was subdued, quiet. It seemed every bird; every animal might be holding their collective breath, waiting.  The days have been very hot – yesterday reached 39° Centigrade. In Fahrenheit, this is 102.2°. With the heat, we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of flies – a sure sign the rain is coming according to the traditions of the old timers.

All around, the trees are squeezing out buds on bare dry branches, risking the moisture loss in the hope of rain. The animals walk slowly, conserving energy for the evening cool and the birds pant quietly in the trees. Sudden breezes and small whirlwinds indicate favourable conditions for rain.



Fat Zebra Stalion in Dry Conditions


Like other animals, we wait.

The kudu and the warthog, the wildebeest, the giraffe; even the lion has changed the pattern of his roars. The Hippos at the waterhole vocalize their feelings into the still night air. The hyenas have gone silent. They know. But how?

What we do know is that rain is coming. With our computers, our satellites, our weather balloons, forecasts and projections, we know that rain is imminent. How much, for how long is anyone’s’ guess, yet the scientists still predict.

The Barbets in the Jackleberry, the Bulbuls in the fig, the Hornbills in the Mopani…they all know.

Yet our technology simply tells us what nature already knows… the rain is coming.

The rain is coming. It’s only a question of “when?”


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