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Giant Flightless Elephant Bird of Madagascar

The Elephant Bird. Where are these elephant birds? A little known secret is that Madagascar had a giant flightless resident called the elephant bird, or as the local Malagasy knew them, the Vorompatra. This magnificent bird has been extinct since around the beginning of the 1700’s. How many of these elephant birds there…


Giraffe and Cooking Pots or Common with Shona Graves

In Tall Tales of Africa, we asked the question, “what do giraffes and cooking pots have in common?” And because I know you’ve been eagerly awaiting the answer, I’m going to tell you just what giraffes and cooking pots share.

The Shona people are Zimbabwe’s largest indigenous group. Traditionally, Shona deceased will be buried in rural areas near the family homestead. About a year after the burial, a special ceremony is held. The family goes to the graveside with a pot of beer, a wooden plate of snuff and a prepared pot of Sadza neNyama, (pap and stew). The beer is poured over the grave and the other items are left on it.


A Note From Wildmoz

This is an article by Joshua Mostert of the African Wildlife Management and Conservation outfit in the north of Harare, Zimbabwe. Their aim and purpose is as stated in the title, namely to save and relocate animals for what-ever reasons there may be. AWMC as they are known, has their own veterinarian permanently on hand, who is in fact Dr Jacque Mostert, Joshua’s wife. The AWMC is a capture team known for its relocation of elephant family groups in their entirety, so as not to break up family units. This is unique to the elephant capture and relocation program.

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