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Stooky and Lil (humor)

Stooky and Lil were together

Made for each other, it’s true

They lived in the African bushveld

For longer than either one knew


Elephant and Bad Driver (humor)

Elephants don’t tolerate lions crowding their space, so drivers should take a lesson. Another lesson is to never, did I say never? Sorry, well, never get in the way of a bull elephant in musth. If you’re not sure, stay away anyway; this is nature, respect it and keep a beady eye out for any danger signs! Don’t just think nothing is going to happen.


Bad Baboons

Human-baboon clashes have achieved international notoriety in South Africa. However, all wildlife is unpredictable but here we are cautious of animals that have lost their natural fear of humans. It’s a sad fact of modern life that all over the world wherever nature and civilization collide, the loser is usually nature.  This is witnessed by the huge number of species facing extinction as the habitats needed for their survival collapse in the path of development.

This is an incident that happened a few years ago, somewhere in the Cape. The original image was not credited, if anyone has any info about this picture’s origins, please let me know.


It’s a Hornbill Comic

Wow! Can’t believe Stooks hasn’t heard about spaceships? This looks just like one…maybe? But what’s it doin’ here, if it isn’t a spaceship? Even smells like a spaceship. Sort of sooty and all. That must be from the engines. I bet Stooks knows little about engines too. Nope, I will not ask. Won’t say a thing.

Well, guess I’d better check it out with caution. I must say Stooks seems very interested. He loves adventures, as long as there are no unexpected risks involved. Poor Stooks, not the bravest Hornbill in the bush, but a real stayer.


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