Birds of the Nyum Nyum Tree


The Overflowing Tree



A Black-collared Barbet Checking it’s Options

Another day, another few new birds. This is getting nicely monotonous. Put food, take pictures, put more food, take more pics.


A Black-eyed Bulbul Wondering if Banana’s Grow on Trees

It is harder than I thought capturing birds in the action you want because they mostly move around so fast all the time. Head up, head down, then left, then right, hopping from branch to branch as you press the shutter, I think you get the aaagh picture.


A White-bellied-Sunbird Finding Nectar

One gets to know each bird individually, even though they may be of the same family, they stand out from one another. The ones I notice the differences in the most, is the lourie and mainly because of the forwardness of some over the others, they become singled out.


An Elusive Cardinal Woodpecker Among the Fruit-eaters

The birds I find the natural comics are the yellow-billed hornbills. I have not added any photos of what they get up to here, because I want to make an entire entry for them in the near future.


3 Natal Francolin in the Nyum Nyum Tree

I have included some ground birds or the bottom feeders, as we call them. Although they are not inclined to stay resident on the ground, because from time to time when the falling tit-bits slow down, they fly up to get their own from the Nyum Nyum tree.


A Male Helmeted Guineafowl Eating Scraps

It’s so much fun to watch the antics these birds get up to. One thing is for sure, you quickly learn who respects whom in the pecking aaagh order.


Mystery Bird for Anyone to Guess

Do you remember in my last entry I mentioned that “We will let you know what bird this is in the next entry about birds?” Well this bird is from the Shrike family and is the White Helmet Shrike. It is a common insect eating bird here, which travels in parties of four to twelve. So good one if you guessed it right.

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