Stooky, Lil – Against the Aliens


It’s a Hornbill Comic

“It’s a, what did you say…?” ‘A spaceship…’ “Ok, what’s that…?” ‘Ahh, never mind.’


Stooky, Lil and the Aliens

Wow! Can’t believe Stooks hasn’t heard about spaceships? This looks just like one…maybe? But what’s it doin’ here, if it isn’t a spaceship? Even smells like a spaceship. Sort of sooty and all. That must be from the engines. I bet Stooks knows little about engines too. Nope, I will not ask. Won’t say a thing.

‘Stooks, watch them from above, I’m gonna pull this lever…’

Well, guess I’d better check it out with caution. I must say Stooks seems very interested. He loves adventures, as long as there are no unexpected risks involved. Poor Stooks, not the bravest Hornbill in the bush, but a real stayer.

“Well what happened?” ‘Umm… Nothing, no feathers… Nothing… I’m gonna try again.’

OK, so that lever doesn’t do much of anything… There must be another way in? How do they get in and out then? Maybe it’s locked from the inside or something?

“Well Lil, how you doing? Did you try it again? Haa, I could bust my tail here..”

Come on Stooks, this is serious. The future of Hornbills great discovery could be in jeporady! And watch your tail, nobody expects you to bust your tail on such an easy task. After all, they’re only Aliens visiting our part of the world. I think they must like the bush, because everyone comes here sometime or another.

‘Yeah, tried it. Listen Stooks… I think the wheels have come off on this thing.’

There’s no way in? Strange! Sounds real empty too… I’m slowly thinking, this business of finding the Aliens and being the first Hornbills in history to unlock the Alien tourist drama is looking dim. Imagine, tourists from wherever in outer space, come to tour the Bushveld – discovered by two local Hornbills. What a scoop!

“No, the wheels are still here.”

That’s the problem with being a hornbill… No opposable thumbs… Where’s a monkey or wrench when you need it? That was funny! Poor Stooks, there he goes again. I wonder if it’s a male thing, not being able to think laterally? It can’t be a wheel thing…

‘No, no, no, not those wheels. I think this thing’s bogus or busted. Let’s ask the residents.’

Maybe the residents know what it is? Maybe they hired a safari out to them and that’s why this thing is still standing here? To be on the safe side, I better take Stooks… two hornbills are better than one. Ha, another funny.

“You Think? Won’t they shoot first or something; these residents could be Aliens you know!”

Poor Stooks, you think he’d be used to our adventures by now? And on second thoughts, maybe they are living inside and looking at us right now, because I feel like we’re being watched. Have to try, I’m too excited to quit so easily.

“Your idea, you go first.” ‘Oh really, there’s only one first time! No, you go…’ “No together…” ‘Ok.’

If I go alone, they’ll just think it’s some crazy hornbill looking for food. Two of us looks more serious… like we mean business – in an unthreatening way of course! Once again my co-adventurer is getting cold feet or would you say wings. Ha… no I’m not going to say it, no never, no. Move along now.

‘Croak… Ahem… Hullo anyone home?’ ‘Tap, tap, yoo-hoo, yoo-hoo.’ ‘Stooky… where are you?’

Sheesh… it’s dark in there. Where’s Stooks? Typical Stooky chickening out again. Don’t wanna get caught by surprise… As Stooky says, I may get shot or something. Where’s that hornbill now?

“I’m right here watching your back…” ‘My foot…’ “No, your back…” ‘Chicken!’

Ha! A lookout? Watching my back, he says…Oh well, that’s my Stooks… the lily-livered hornbill. Tough all the way down from his big yellow bill. Pretend I never said that ;-)

“Waa… Call me chicken. Huh! Me chicken? So, what happened?” ‘Nothing! Gotta let them live their lives in peace Stooks…’

Oh well, that’s one mystery, I guess we couldn’t solve. Here’s a story of us both called The Ballard of Stooky and Lil. I know you’ll enjoy that one too. Till next time then – on the voyage asteroid. Can’t help it…


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