Breakfast at the Nyum Nyum Tree


Common Bushveld Bird-life



Male Yellow-billed Hornbill


In the land of plentiful bush-life in every conceivable form – bird, insect, reptile, amphibian, mammal, plants and trees – something happens every moment of the day.



Blue Eared Glossy Starling


Not being the resident photographer, I’ve been constantly dragging the reluctant expert from important tasks with the plea to capture the action.



Black Headed Oriole Eating Banana


Now it’s been decided that I must learn how to take a usable picture myself.



Grey Headed Bush Shrike – Seconds Later a Third of my Toast was Gone


So, in violation of every photographer’s code that says “capture the moment as it happens.” I present to you my novice attempts.



Wood Hoopoe and Orange


These candid shots of my first victims were taken at the Nyum Nyum Tree, just off the edge of our tree-house where bits of fruit like bananas, pawpaw or avocado are spiked on an assortment of thorns adorning the bare branches of the tree.



Grey Lourie or Go-away Bird Eating an Apple


This has been christened the Nyum Nyum Tree – both nummy and yummy for birds and insects alike. Very popular, I might add.



Mystery Bird for Anyone to Guess – Notice the Red Feet


We will let you know what bird this is in the next entry about birds. Here is the link.

These birds in the pictures aren’t especially rare (in Africa) but having such glamorous neighbors to photograph, is new for me… And, just wait ‘til you see the butterflies!

While this entry was being posted, two Martial eagles were trying to catch some Guinea Fowl right outside in front of the tree house stoep (veranda).


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