The Ballad of Stooky and Lil


Stooky and Lil

Stooky and Lil in the Nyum Nyum Tree


Stooky and Lil were together

Made for each other, it’s true

They lived in the African bushveld

For longer than either one knew


Feeding on insects and scorpions

Foraging down on the ground

When one day they found a banana

And suddenly life turned around


Tracing the fruit to its source

They looked up together and saw

Apples and mangoes and bread ends

Bananas and half a paw-paw

Lil the Gentle Eater


Becoming upwardly mobile

Was only the start of the saga

With luxury tastes and time to waste

Spring water soon replaced lager


Stooky and Lil became foodies

And feasted as few birds are able

There in the African bushveld

Introduced to the art of the table


Never a day would go by

Without some Stooky and Lil

The Nyum-Nyum Tree was their hangout

With them coming and going at will

Stooky the Smart-Alec-Eater


But with the arrival of spring

Stooks would always be late

And gulping down bites of banana

He’d hurry back home to his mate


Lil was shut in a tree with the eggs

Bush mud closed up the hole

They awaited their broods’ arrival

While takeaways played the star role…


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