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Our Wild Explorations Produced Some Stunning Images



A typical country town


Wild Explorations into Africa

The sweeping sky beckoned and we obeyed, new wild explorations taking us northward into Africa as far as time would allow. And as usual starting the homeward journey was the hardest part of our splendid, thrilling trip. Africa never disappoints and because of this, wrenching ourselves away from our uncompleted wild explorations proved more difficult than usual.


Leaving home in the glorious pouring rain.


Crossfire Filled With Wild Events.

Say it with pictures. This trip can only be described as crossfire action, considering the diversity of things we experienced. Here’s an outline of some of the stories we will be sharing over the next short while.


Some pictures don’t need too much explaining.

On the way to dart a painted dog. Yes, a wild-dog in desperate need of a competent wildlife vet. A mighty mission of mercy was about to unfold and you’ll be the first to see why.


A Happy place to stay and cool down.

A happy place to stay. Thanks to our son and daughter in-law, we were invited to visit and stay the night. Barter – trade – is big in Sub-Saharan Africa, among black and white alike. And in that, there’s a story to add.


An African valley scene much like many.

Hemingway once said of Africa. “I never knew of a morning in Africa, when I woke up and was not happy.”


Spaza and beer hall.

This is Spaza trading. “Spaza” is a South African term for informal trading going back millennia; a true African tradition.


Back on the bush trail.

Back into the bush we go. But this time in a given direction, long time planned. Wild? Well not really, but there are lions right behind me.


This is not hot rock café. It’s a cool cat lay-bye.

Teddy-Bear-Lions, on a rock! All cute and cuddly? Hmm… Very thankful for a good zoom lens.

Can you think of anything better than a great vantage point, on a cool rock, in cool shade, with a soft breeze on a hot summer’s day, after a nice fat meal? If you were a lion, you couldn’t.


Our pre-planned caving venture.

Yes, we also went caving. Which may (or may not) have included water.


More Spazas en Route, Including these Tires for Sale and Fitting.

Further on, there is still trading as usual. Don’t think these fledgling businesses aren’t making a difference, because they are and in a big way. Africa’s economy is still the second fastest growing economy in the world and is always improvising after any downfall. This is clearly visible from our trip into the interior. Some countries are excelling while others are floundering but on the whole, flourish is the future, as we have seen it. We think the ‘worldwide minimalist movement’ was invented in Africa and is still prospering here.


Spaza Roasted Mielie Seller.

A short way out of town and more home-grown African entrepreneurs. Home-grown, roasted mielies – corn – on a stick, cooked in a 200 liter drum of hot coals.

Best definition of an entrepreneur is…“An entrepreneur, is one who multiplies the value of a dollar, despite all obstacles”. All over Sub-Saharan Africa, people are doing just that, which is what is making the difference. One man, one mielie… Go, plant! This of course cannot be done the Monsanto way.


Not Ayres Rock but a home to abundant wildlife.

A remarkable edifice blanketed in highland subtropical forests and a lot more. Often covered in low cloud and mist, the white marks are from water,  the runoff of many rains.


Further up into the highlands we go, on newly made roads.

Anywhere you turn the earth, something grows. The fertility of this land is not easily compared. Some of the deepest topsoil in the world, coupled with an amazingly long summer growing season, makes this region a true breadbasket.


High up in the thick of things with our trail far down below.

What’s behind me, is another of what we will tell you about soon, concerning this magic region of our great planet. Here the zoom is cheating me out of how high this really is.


Chopper, is a seriously good name for what these things are.

Vertical elevation is the best way to deal with bush conditions in ways we are going to share with you all soon. The helicopter is the vehicle that truly tamed the Africa skies. As the shadows lengthen, the chopper is on its way.

Stay in touch and enjoy the ride. And ride it was, after stepping off the Rolls Royce powered executive jet, we drove over 1000 km – 600 miles – of African sub-continental roads, in a much too short a time.

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