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African folktales are common to most of the tribes and peoples of Africa. Different cultures, whilst sharing a common point of reference, will color each story with their own rich, unique heritage. These tales were always told, by word of mouth, on down the ages by the wise, the sage, the mother, the father or the grandparents.

The world was a simpler place then and in preserving the oral traditions, they would have had to undergo translation into foreign tongues. In Africa, myths and tall tales abound, around every mountain and through every valley; you will find a story that sounds almost the same as one you have heard before.

There are many versions of African Folktales and I believe our stories capture the essence of originality, having been adapted correctly from traditional oral folktales, thereby preserving their uniqueness.

In honor to the oral tradition and to the reader of much-loved African folktales. We have tried to keep the “voice” of the original storyteller, in the same manner in which they spoke, centuries ago.

Many folktales and stories about Africa have inspired countless expeditions in search of mysteries and treasures, from golden mountains, to lost tribes, to amazing looking animals.

There are animals never seen or heard of before, some with long necks or long noses, all colours, shapes and sizes.

How did they get there? How were they made? Are they kind or fierce? Were they friendly or terrifying? Yes, some are gentle and some are vicious, but all have a story to tell. Who they are, what they stand for and what nature do they have?

The mysteries are many, the stories are plenty, but to know the real truth you must venture into this dark Africa yourself.

To explain the mysteries of every type of creature, folk stories were used. Like fables, they conjure up the imagination through the characters and personalities of these creatures, as they were observed by the original storytellers.

All animals have traits of one kind or another; it is these characters and personalities that are discovered in African folktales. The stories were passed down from generation to generation as lessons for the children, to learn how to interact with each different animal. These ancestors’ folktales, taught the children to survive and prosper in this abundant land called Africa…

Folktales are enjoyed by the young and old alike and passed down from generation to generation for their enjoyment. Our hope is that you will enjoy these African folktales as much as we did writing them.

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