The Chief Who Was No Fool


A Wise Chief Of Old

The Wise Chief and His Sword Barer


Only The Wise Can Tell

Long, long, ago somewhere in Africa when all the people and animals were new… There was a chief of a large area and many people, who became known for his wisdom. As the knowledge of him grew, more and more came to seek this great chief’s counsel, on matters hard to solve. There was a day when things changed greatly for the chief. This happened on a day, a normal day, like any other day, when two men came seeking the chief’s wisdom, on a simple matter of theft. The surprising events that were about to transpire, would lead to a new future for the chief, quite shortly:


The Chief Who Was No Fool

An old man and his younger neighbour approached the chief. Being older, the old man correctly, addressed the chief first.

“I have been stolen from by this man, my neighbour and your wise help I have come to pursue.”

Being a wise man, the chief nodded his approval for being recognised as wise.

“I will need to know more about the problem you are facing?” asked the chief, directing his question to the old man.

“My neighbour knows I am a poor man and yet still, he has stolen the few goats I had for milk for my food,” came the old man’s plea.

“Is this old man telling the truth about you?” The chief, directing his question to the old man’s neighbour.


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