Hyena and Steenbuck


Vulgarity Knows No Subtlety



Hyena on the Prowl


The Hyena and the Steenbok


When Laying Traps, Mind Your Own

Long, long ago, somewhere in Africa, when all the people and animals were new… A hyena, came across a steenbuck one morning, who having just woken up, was standing all forlorn, looking into the distance wondering where mama steenbuck had gone to.

The hyena, not wanting to appear gross and vulgar in his approach but rather determined to appear amiable, sidled up to the steenbuck and as cunningly and politely as he could muster, said: “Good morning.”

To which steenbuck quietly answered, a plaintive, “Morning.”

The hyena, in his plea, justifying his motives for eating the steenbuck, accused him. “Last time we met, you insulted me horribly.”

Surprising the steenbuck, who mournfully, all choked up, squeaked out. “We have never met until this day, sir.”

“Yes we have. It was last year this time of the year.”

“Really” bleated the steenbuck, clearly showing concern. “I was not yet born, this time last year.”

Then the hyena proclaimed. “I remember it well, it was you who fed on the grass in my territory.”

“Certainly not, good sir, I have not yet tasted grass, for I am still too young”

Again the hyena claimed. “It must be, you drank water from my well”

“No.” exclaimed the steenbuck. “I have not as yet drunk water, for my mother’s milk is both food and drink to me.”

Upon this, the hyena attacked and ate the steenbuck. Then full and satisfied, the hyena burped out. “Well, I will not remain without my breakfast… even though you refute all of my allegations.”

Moral of the story. Tyrants will always find a pretext for their tyranny.


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