Lion, Bushman and Zebra


Lion, Bushman and Zebra

Who? Us?


Lion, Bushman and Zebra Lived Near One Another

Long, long ago somewhere in Africa… When the earth and all the people and animals were new…  Bushman lived with all the creatures. Now, Bushman hunted among the animals but would only take what was needed for his food and never any more…

One day, Bushman was stalking a herd of zebra. He had been following their tracks through the sandy places, through the stony ground and deep into the green, grassy savannah. It was hot and the sun was high before the hunter had decided which of the great striped animals would make the tastiest feast for his hungry tribe.

A Bushman Hunter


Bushman Makes New Plans

Bushman moved closer to the zebra and was putting an arrow to his bow, when suddenly a lion sprang out from a thicket of Bush Willows.

Did Lion intend to eat Bushman or a Zebra? Our brave hunter didn’t wait to ask, but dropping his bow and arrows, scrambled for safety into the upper branches of a convenient tree nearby.

Lion, having forgotten all about a Zebra, turned his whole attention towards the frightened Bushman. He paced backwards and forwards. To and fro went he, walking round and round the tall tree.

The Mighty Lion


Oh, How Things Change In the Blinking of an Eye

From time to time the lion would let out a ferocious roar, shaking the very roots of the tree where the Bushman crouched, high in the uppermost branches. As the shadows grew long and the stars came out, still he growled and menaced. But at length, the Lion lay down at the foot of the tree, to keep watch all night.

Sometime toward dawn, the exhausted hunter dozed and as he dozed, he dreamt that he had fallen into the Lion’s mouth. Shocked awake by this awful dream, he lost his hold, and falling from the branch, he landed heavily on the Lion, also asleep beneath the tree.

One can only imagine what the lion supposed had happened with this unexpected and rude awakening. And he got such a terrible fright that with a loud roar he bolted into the grey and misty dawn and disappeared…

And the Bushman, taking to his heels in the opposite direction, also escaped in safety.

Moral of this story? Is always secure your security.

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