Why Cheetah Cheeks are Stained


African Folktale Of Cheetahs Stained Cheeks



Cheetah and Cubs


Why Cheetahs Cheeks are Stained


The Cheetah and the Hunter

Long, long, ago somewhere in Africa… When all the people and animals were new… there lived a wicked, worthless, lazy man. Now and again, when forced by hunger, would take up his spear and seek food. One hot and sultry day, as was his custom, this slothful man sat in the shade of a tree on a small kopie (hill) watching plump antelope grazing on the plain below, sighing with discontent.

Bemoaning the fate of having to be a hunter and hunt for food whenever he got hungry. Why could he not get meat without such tiresome work? He scanned the plain looking for a kill to steal meat from some poor animal, as he was want to do. Fortunately, this day there was no fresh kill to rob. Occupied with these and other irritated thoughts, his eye was caught by a movement in the long grass close to the antelope herd. Suddenly, the grass exploded into life and a cheetah sprang out, moving with the speed of the wind across the plain, and brought down a plump buck who’d unwisely wandered off from the main group. The startled animals scattered in all directions, while the cheetah quickly dispatched with its victim.


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