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Kilobyte is a measure of computer memory or storage. A kilobyte (KB) is approximately 1,000 bytes. But, precisely a kilobyte is equal to 1,024 bytes.

Kbps, kilobits per second is a measurement of data transmission speed in a communication system. The number of kilobits transmitted or received each second. Don’t get this mixed up with Kilobytes per second (which is 8 times more data per second). Examples are the modems that transfer data at 33.6 Kbps and 56 Kbps.

Keyloggers are hacking programs that monitor a user’s input and keep a log of all keys that are pressed. A log is saved to a file or can be sent to another machine on a network or by Internet. These types of programs are used by internet data collectors, who illegally steal your passwords from your keyboard keystrokes by means of malware. This data is then stored for future use or execute on immediately. A good firewall and malware program will protect against this type of hacking on your PC. See Malware in this glossary

Keyword is essential for your success on the internet. Keywords are used by people and search engines to find your site, so they must be pertinent. They are the words that the user types in to the search engine to find a particular place or thing. You are given a particular website, because you typed in a keyword that led you to that website. Keywords should form part of your meta-tags and should also be used in your image alt tags for
better SEO.

Keyphrases are search terms made up of multiple keywords, or a specific combination of keywords. These are words users would enter into a search engine, when making a search. Optimizing your site for specific key-phrases will yield more specific and relevant traffic. A typical key phrase is, ‘recipe-for-homemade-ice-cream’ where your primary keywords are ‘homemade ice-cream’.

Keyword Density:
Keyword density is the percentage ratio of keywords, or key phrases compared to the total word-count per page. Critical to search engine optimization and to rank highly, your keyword density must not be too high (keyword stuffing) or too low (you lose). A keyword density between 4% and 8% is considered good; do not exceed these bounds to have optimized content for SERPS. This rule applies to all the pages on your site, especially your Home page or landing page.

KISS is an acronym for Keep It Simple Stupid.

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