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Wildmoz Terms & Conditions of Sale

Please read the following Terms & Conditions of Sale carefully. They comprise the terms on which the buyer, (“you”) is allowed to purchase items from Wildmoz.com (“us”, also referred to as “we” and “our”) on this website.

If you purchase any item advertised for sale on this Website, this shall be taken to constitute your acceptance of these Terms:


Conditions of Sale

The sale and purchase of products via this website is governed by a contract between you and us, made when you placed an order, your order has been accepted by us, payment has been confirmed by PayPal, and you have been sent confirmation from PayPal.


Returns Policy

No refunds or exchanges will be given on e-books unless the supplied file is faulty. E-books are supplied as .pdf (Portable Document Format) files. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to obtain an appropriate method for viewing the e-book.



Any purchase of an e-book file entitles the purchaser to ONE copy of that file, which may be shared between any device(s) owned by and registered to that buyer. Please DO NOT make illegal copies of your e-book files. This is considered a breach of copyright, against which legal action will be taken.

In the case of e-books, permission is granted to download a SINGLE copy of an e-book to installed readers or applications registered in the purchasers name, for use by the purchaser at any time, provided that:

1. the e-book is not distributed or transmitted over any network or communication line

2. the e-book is used for personal entertainment only;

3. the e-book is not copied, printed or modified in any way;

4. you do not remove any copyright or proprietary notices contained in the e-book.

All products listed and sold via this website are copyrighted to ©Wildmoz.com.



The premises for delivery will be the address supplied by the buyer. In the case of e-books, this shall be the email address supplied by the purchaser through PayPal.


Malware and Virus Free

Wildmoz.com is certain that all e-book files supplied are safe for download and do not carry any malware which could damage/render inoperable the purchaser’s e-reader/computer. However, all e-book files are purchased at the buyer’s risk.



Wildmoz.com is not responsible for any third party information accessed through links. Links to third party websites are given to aid the visitor. Wildmoz.com cannot be held responsible for the content on any third party websites.


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